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classical music

9 - iNfestival

How do you capture the experience and sound of New Music? This was the question posed by the iNfestival, which attracted more than 100 submissions of new music compositions from more than 30 countries.

The festival, which was supported by the AVL Cultural Foundation, took place at the Ilshin Hall in Seoul, Korea in October 2015. Emerging composers such as Texu Kim, Johan Svensson, Oliver Thurley and Seongmin Ji (University of Music, Graz) heard their innovative music performed by world-class musicians, alongside renditions of work by established names such as Georg Friedrich Haas and Beat Furrer.

Accompanying the festival were Professor Klaus Lang from the Graz University of Music, opera singer Barbara Konrad and clarinettist Sabine Maier. With their work NOW! Oper der Gegenwart (Now! Opera of the Present) they sought to explore the meaning of music beyond the confines of mainstream definitions by questioning it in terms of its sound and structure as a temporal phenomenon.