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classical music

19 - RE-Sound Beethoven

Recognising the life and work of Bonn’s favourite son, RE-Sound Beethoven was a 2015 collection of events and performances that took place in Vienna. It celebrated and explored the composer’s work, and that of Geothe, whose writing inspired him.

Renowned Beethoven specialists such as Friederike Wißmann, Klaus Aringer, Markus Grassl and Birgit Lodes provided a series of talks and lectures which introduced performances of the artists’ works. Many of the events, conducted by Martin Haselböck and performed by the Orchester Weiner Akademie, were staged in the same venues where Beethoven originally premiered them, played on original instruments of his time.

Taking the audience back to the Vienna of Beethoven’s era, these re-enactments provided a taste of how his compositions must have sounded at the time. An authentic experience of classical masterpieces.

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