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3 - musikprotokoll 2017 – Crystal Sounds Lab

In its 50th year the Graz, Austria, music festival musikprotokoll featured a number of extraordinary concerts. Performances from Ensemble PHACE and Studio Dan, the Quatuor Diotima and the ensemble zeitfluss formed part of the gripping line-up, which also featured musicians such as the UK’s Barry Guy.

The festival, which forms part of steirischer herbst, also saw Stefan Fraunberger and Andreas Trobollowitsch present the performative installation, SHAPE. This project had been created a decade earlier by musikprotokoll’s festival network, ICAS and was a suitably fitting homage to the festival’s history on this special year.

Another performance, the Crystal Sounds Lab by the AVL Cultural Foundation, bridged the gap between art, technology and science, by featuring at its heart Irvine 7. Employing crystals created by AVL’s scientists at its heart, New York music artist Andy Cavatorta and Munich-based musician and producer Tom Huber probed the contrast between analogue and digital spheres. The audience was able to witness the creative process in action, and got a rare insight into the genesis and further development on this experimental musical instrument.

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