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June 24, 2020


CEO Helmut List and Kathryn List honored with Special Jury Award for Culture Promotion at 31st Maecenas Austria Gala hosted by “Initiativen Wirtschaft für Kunst” in Vienna.

It’s been more than 20 years since AVL started bridging the gap between art and technology and supporting the most varying art projects in the areas of avant-garde and art & science. Yet another award has now been received for this outstanding cultural commitment: As part of the annual MAECENAS awards, Helmut and Kathryn List were presented the special jury prize “Maecenatentum.” This award was created to honor outstanding figures in Austria, who have rendered exceptional services to art and culture, both at home and abroad. CEO Helmut List: “For AVL, this proximity to art means that we can develop our creativity much better.”

Technical advancements and artistic creation are closely intertwined. Central to both are an orientation to creative problem-solving, a pioneering spirit and a quest for improvement and advancement. All of this gave rise to Prof. List’s vision to bridge the gap between science and art. 2003 saw the founding of the Helmut List Halle in Graz; this was followed by the establishment of the AVL Cultural Foundation in 2007. As a result, his society and art-oriented vision – along with the Austrian art scene – was given totally new shapes and forms, and has been adding a special touch to art and culture in Austria ever since.

The MAECENAS prize for achievements in art sponsoring was established in 1989 by an independent business committee called “Initiativen Wirtschaft für Kunst” in cooperation with the ORF (the Austrian broadcasting corporation). Every year, awards are presented to Austrian companies and providers of cultural services, which support projects that otherwise could never have been realized. The award is both an incentive and a recognition for domestic enterprises engaged in art sponsoring in a wide variety of areas.

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