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June 29, 2020


In recognition of its commitment to activities at the intersection of arts, science and technology, the AVL Cultural Foundation has been named Award ‘Cultural Investor of the Year 2018’.

As part of the Night of Cultural Brands gala, hosted at Radialsystem in Berlin, the AVL Cultural Foundation was presented with the award, ‘Cultural Investor of the Year’. Managing director of the AVL Cultural Foundation, Michael Ksela, together with Elisabeth Gigler and Hans List, received the coveted Aurica® trophy. “The AVL Cultural Foundation embraces projects that bring together arts and science to explore and foster human creativity and innovation,” Ksela said at the awards event.

When Helmut and Kathryn List launched the AVL Cultural Foundation in 2007, they wanted to bridge the gap between science and art. Ever since, they have dedicated their work to commissioning and supporting art and culture projects, by expertly creating interfaces between the creative work of artists and that of engineers. In addition to its key area arts and science, the AVL Cultural Foundation supports a broad variety of visual arts, new media art, digital art, sound art, music, dance theater, and interdisciplinary projects. Special attention is paid to promoting young talent.

The European Cultural Brand Award is the most innovative cultural award in Europe and is made possible by more than 53 industry partners. Submissions from all countries across Europe, from Albania to Portugal were examined by a panel of 39 judges representing culture, science, business and leading trade media. The prestigious prize stands for the excellence, attractiveness and openness of the European cultural market and is synonymous with outstanding commitment.

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