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June 30, 2020


In line with CEO Helmut List’s vision, the AVL Cultural Foundation teamed up with New York artist Andy Cavatorta and Munich music producer Tom Huber to create a new type of musical instrument.

In recent decades, innovations in technical and technological areas have led to countless new art forms and trends. One outstanding contribution to such advancements is the creation of Irvine 7. After almost two years of development, the seventh prototype of the Irvine instrument was presented at the “Musikprotokoll” Graz as part of the “Steirischer Herbst” festival. In the Crystal Sounds Lab at the Helmut List Halle, visitors could listen to the artists making the AVL crystals oscillate or, in other words, “sing.”

Six gallium-phosphate crystals make up the heart of the new instrument. Piezocryst grows these crystals for measurement devices. There are no other crystals like them – and each crystal in itself is unique. To produce sounds, electrical impulses are used to make the crystals vibrate. To give life to the artistic vision, the AVL Cultural Foundation provided Andy Cavatorta with some exceptional technologies that enabled him to enter fresh artistic dimensions and walk new paths. Specifically, no restrictions were imposed on the artistic freedom in the creative process. To improve sound perception, the instrument was equipped with visualization technology. While the instrument is being played, the artist’s personal “playground” appears as a visual pattern.

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