contemporary art

4 - Digital Design Weekend

Showcasing the work of digital artists from around the world, in 2017 the AVL Cultural Foundation joined forces with Ars Electronica and the Austrian Cultural Forum London to support Austrian participants at London’s Digital Design Weekend. Three days of installations, workshops and presentations by some of the planet’s most innovative technological creatives took place at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum.

During the Digital Design Weekend, the museum was brought to life with robots, digital sound performances, and creative experiments such as Handcrafting the Digital by Irene Posch. This installation explored the use of digital technology in textile design, while other artists such as Davide Beliacqua, Veronika Krenn, Leo Peschta and Ebru Kurbak crafted electromechanical jewellery, experimented with robotic fruit cutters and built performances around pocket calculators.

The artworks dealt with hot-topic concepts such as modern economics, artificial intelligence, immigration, and the use of organic and inorganic materials in digital circuitry. The three-day exhibition was commemorated by the publication of a book, Bridging Open Borders, which brought together the cutting-edge work of the artists in a reassuringly low-tech format.

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