The AVL Cultural Foundation was born out of AVL CEO Professor Helmut List’s vision to bring art into AVL’s corporate culture.

Intended as a way to give back to society, it grew out of projects that AVL had already undertaken, which combined art and science. In the autumn of 2007 Kathryn and Helmut List launched the foundation to further explore the relationship between these two fields – through commissioned projects, collaborations and cultural funding.

Mission and Objectives

The foundation combines art and science. In doing so it aims to enrich art and culture by supporting young people through an interdisciplinary expansion of knowledge. It hopes to achieve this with three different approaches:
  • By supporting artists and cultural institutions with the promotion of a diverse range of cultural events and artistic projects
  • By creating innovative new projects that bring art and science together, encouraging artists and scientists to collaborate
  • By engaging with and supporting a diverse range of projects and opening up dialogue across the disciplines.

Bridging the Gap

As well as exploring the differences and similarities between art, science and technology, the AVL Cultural Foundation also promotes creative and innovative thinking. Collaboration and exchange occur on an international level, bridging the gaps between the three fields.

Discovering Parallels

By finding parallels between the three fields, the foundation gains insight into the perspectives of art, science and technology. These perspectives offer a first-step towards a new kind of problem-solving methodology.

Gaining Perspectives

The collaborative process between artists and scientists is as important as the end-result. This creates new challenges and perspectives for both the audience and the practitioners to explore.

Board & Management

Chairman and CEO of AVL List GmbH, Helmut List is the co-founder of the AVL Cultural Foundation. He has long compared innovation in engineering to creativity in the arts, and is an advisor to the foundation. This is reflected in the work of both the AVL Cultural Foundation, and the innovative technology of AVL.

"There’s a profound similarity between artistic creation and the work of an engineer."
Helmut List
Kathryn List is the founder and chairwoman of the private foundation of the AVL Cultural Foundation and CEO of the AVL Cultural Foundation GmbH. She tries through passionate dedication to artistic, formative and intercultural institutions to enliven the dialogue within these fields. Kathryn List also strives to communicate the diversity of aesthetic and artistic forms of expression and to transform these aspects into experiences that young generations can relate to.

"There are numerous parallels between science and culture. Both live from human inspiration and direct their attention to details and nuances."
Co-Founder, CEO
Kathryn List
Elisabeth Gigler is the culture manager and COO of the AVL Cultural Foundation. She has worked internationally as a scientist and as a lecturer in arts and cultural studies. Her experience in culture management is of essential value for the development, planning and realization of the cultural agenda of the AVL Cultural Foundation. She is well versed in innovation, intercultural dialogue, international networks and knowledge transfer.

"Art is an essential part of life and – just like science – strives for knowledge. These spheres of knowledge are globally relevant and unlimited."
COO and Culture Manager
Elisabeth Gigler