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classical music

41 - styriarte

In 1985 the styriarte festival in Graz, Austria, was founded to showcase classical music, music from the baroque period, and in particular to showcase the work of conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt who lived in the city. Each year a new theme is chosen for the many different events, which attract audiences who come to enjoy the music, literature, opera, dance and drama.

The AVL Cultural Foundation has been a long-time supporter of the styriarte music festival and its contemporary interpretation of classic artworks, which bring the original intentions of the composers to modern audiences. This approach makes classical music and art accessible for both seasoned connoisseurs and young art lovers alike.

The venues for the performances that take place during the styriarte festival are chosen carefully. The qualities of the space inform the performance that occurs there, so careful decisions are made about which events take place where, and how.

The festival has featured performances by some of the world’s greatest orchestras and musicians, including Jordi Sava and Armonic Tributo Austria, Concentus Musicus Vienna, and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. And of course there was the great Nikolaus Harnoncourt, who died in 2016, for whom the festival was founded.

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