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4 - Innovation in Ballet and Opera

The AVL Cultural Foundation and AVL France are joint members of FEDORA, an international non-profit organization that encourages innovation and creativity in Europe’s ballet and opera culture. The FEDORA network is made up of opera houses, festivals, ballet ensembles and associations in 25 countries. Its declared goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem between the cultural and economic sectors that will guarantee the future of opera and ballet. Thanks to their well-endowed awards in various categories, new plays can be supported and educational measures and digital art projects can be realized. The latest category – the FEDORA Digital Prize – supports future-oriented projects that bring productions on digital experimentation and digital performances to life in a completely new way, promote interdisciplinary dialogue and encourage the exchange of experiences of successful models. FEDORA not only celebrates new paths in the digital age as part of the cultural scene, the organization explicitly supports them.

Suggested Projects