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16 - Complexity

Complex systems are all around us. In nature, in society, in almost every aspect of the universe there is complexity. Both scientists and artists have set themselves the task of making sense of complex systems, of finding patterns where at first there may appear to be none.

Whether it is human societal interaction, fluid dynamics, or musical composition, scientists and artists seek order in the chaos. Just as a sculptor finds form within the complexity of the rock, scientists search for understanding and predictability through mathematical equations and experimentation.

In this project, supported by the AVL Cultural Foundation, cultural theorist Peter Oswald roams the world of complexity as he speaks with philosopher of science Professor Dr. Klaus Mainzer and contemporary composer Rebecca Saunders. And in doing so he explores how complexity has influenced the works of musicians such as Olga Neuwirth, Beat Furrer and Gustav Mahler, architects such as Wolf Prix and Zaha Hadid, and the physicist Henri Poincaré.

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