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87 - AVL Cultural Foundation Named European Cultural Investor of the Year

The AVL Cultural Foundation has been awarded the prestigious Aurica® Trophy and named European Cultural Investor of the Year 2018 at the 13th European Cultural Brand Awards. The event, hosted in Berlin in November, recognizes those individuals and organizations which have worked tirelessly to promote cultural work throughout Europe.

The AVL Cultural Foundation embraces projects that bring together arts and science to explore and foster human creativity and innovation, opening up dialogues between various disciplines.

It is in this essence that the award validates the work of the foundation. Since 2007 the AVL Cultural Foundation has been promoting and commissioning art projects that bridge the gap between art and science and celebrating the shared processes in the creation of both.

The European Cultural Brand Awards are the most innovative ones in Europe and are made possible with the backing of more than 53 partners from across the industry. With submissions from as far and wide as Albania, Portugal, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Malta, Greece and the German-speaking countries, the jury was faced with a wide variety of exciting work to consider.

As well as the AVL Cultural Foundation, nominees for the European Cultural Investor of the Year 2018 Award included Erste Group Bank AG and BMW Group. The award reflects the excellence, attractiveness and openness of the European cultural market and is synonymous with outstanding commitment, and so it is with great pride that the AVL Cultural Foundation is able to accept this prestigious accolade.

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