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    Helmut List

    Helmut List

    Helmut List, chairman and CEO of AVL List GmbH, is the founder of and an adviser to the AVL Cultural Foundation. He has long compared innovation in engineering to creativity in the arts. This approach is reflected in both the pioneering technology of AVL and the work of the AVL Cultural Foundation.

    "There's a profound similarity between artistic creation and the work of an engineer."

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    Kathryn List

    Kathryn List is the founder and chairwoman of the private foundation of the AVL Cultural Foundation and CEO of the AVL Cultural Foundation GmbH. She tries through passionate dedication to artistic, formative and intercultural institutions to enliven the dialogue within these fields. Kathryn List also strives to communicate the diversity of aesthetic and artistic forms of expression and to transform these aspects into experiences that young generations can relate to.

    "There are numerous parallels between science and culture. Both live from human inspiration and direct their attention to details and nuances."

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    Michael Ksela

    Michael Ksela is the deputy chairman of the private foundation, CEO of the AVL Cultural Foundation GmbH and CEO of the international marketing and technology agency Scoop and Spoon. As a marketing specialist, he has received multiple awards and knows how to gain emotional engagement from audiences for scientific and technological innovations. He uses his experience to attract the attention of a broad audience for the AVL Cultural Foundation projects.

    "Art is pure and brings light and shade into our lives. Art helps us to be human, while also challenging our humanity."

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    Elisabeth Gigler

    Elisabeth Gigler is the culture manager and COO of the AVL Cultural Foundation. She has worked internationally as a scientist and as a lecturer in arts and cultural studies. Her experience in culture management is of essential value for the development, planning and realization of the cultural agenda of the AVL Cultural Foundation. She is well versed in innovation, intercultural dialogue, international networks and knowledge transfer.

    "Art is an essential part of life and – just like science – strives for knowledge. These spheres of knowledge are globally relevant and unlimited."