Based on choreography by Darell Toulon, composition by Gerhard Nierhaus and video installations by Herwig Baumgartner, Winding was commissioned by AVL and performed in 2005. The performance enchanted the audience with an outstanding tale of creativity and art, technology and human accomplishments.

A multi-dimensional tale

Performed in an AVL wind tunnel that produces wind speeds of up to 120 km/h, the dancers participating in Winding rose to this unique and impressive challenge and illustrated the human struggle and successful interaction with technology and emotion. The power and strength of technology become a playful roundelay with the creative side of human beings. The dancers illustrated universal human struggle by pulling themselves along a rope in the wind tunnel, transferring actual physical endeavors into spiritual spheres. This manifestation of struggle shows facets of emotionality and humanity and encourages the contemplation of topics such as success and perseverance.

The performance and choreography of Winding was first created and developed by Darell Toulon and his team without music. This approach highlights Toulon's intention of presenting dance as its own medium, telling its own story. Dance influences the production as an individual rather than a complementary component. Music and video add further dimensions to the dance element.

The video installation invites the audience to gain new perspectives on the piece. Three different cameras help to transform the human being in Winding into an instrumental, almost technical component.

Winding inspired the choreograph Darell Toulon to create his own dance group: Alpha Group.


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